Kerala Tourism Aims to be differently-abled friendly by 2021

Kerala Tourism Aims to be differently-abled friendly

Kadamapally Surendran, the state tourism minister of Kerala has declared plans of Kerala Tourism to make Kerala’s tourist destinations more accessible for disabled people by 2021.

Under this initiative a host of infrastructure including facilities, including special parking and disable friendly toilets will be made available.

A total of 120 popular tourist destinations are being upgraded under the first phase of this scheme, till now 98 destinations have already been made disable friendly. The government hopes to make all tourist destinations disable-abled friendly by 2021, informed Surendran.

Walking sticks, folding walkers, crutches, special signages, accessible ramps, special toilets, Braille brochures, wheelchairs, tactile walkways, touch screen kiosks and audio guides are some of the disable friendly features which are being added to tourist infrastructure.

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