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How AI is changing the advertisement landscape

How AI is changing the advertisement landscape

Technology has brought a massive transformation in human lives, the fact that it makes our lives hassle-free is grabbing eyeballs thereby escalating demand for it. The clarion call of the digital era has led to the invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is considered as one of the mandatory weapons of the technology arsenal. AI is a science with perceptive abilities, it has disrupted every sector and it’s impact on the advertising industry is unprecedented.

AI is not limited to merely creating adds but it’s a vast process onto itself. AI is changing the advertising world at every level be it add creation, or audience targeting or ad buying.

Let us discuss how this advanced technology has become the cynosure of the advertisement Industry.

1. Personalization enhances customer experience

To increase ad relevancy to its intended audience, personalization in advertising is being extensively used. It refers to the use of data or consumer insights which works as important tools to increase ad relevancy. Personalizing the ads is essential as the majority of the frequent shoppers’ only shop with brands that personalize their experiences. A personalized AI solution such as conversational marketing is very helpful to advertisers.

Conversational marketing helps customers improve the relationship they have with their brand, it helps brands in building personal connections with consumers and creates a magnificent shopping experience.

With growing love for a personalized experience in the advertising industry brands are enhancing their ROI and creating healthy relationships with their customers.

Audiences can be segmented before ads are made.

Advertisers these days are making the best use of machine learning, it is seen as the game-changer for the advertising Industry with multi pronged approach. Machine learning is a form of AI which advertisers are using to find patterns based on the consumer behaviour, message resonance and to make an informed decision. Better categorisation and audience targeting lead to higher engagement rates and more conversions. Apart from this, AI is helping in the automation of some of the tasks like maintaining records of bills paid and taking follow-ups of the unpaid bills, which ultimately saves money. IoT, a form of AI has made things easier as it helps in transferring data through network effectively.

3. Delivers better results to the advertisers

Compared to traditional methods, AI used ads deliver better results. According to the Salesforce Research report, titled ‘Enterprise Technology Trends’, 83% of IT leaders are of the view that AI and machine learning are transforming customer engagement and 69% are of the view that these are transforming their businesses.

Today advertisers have understood the importance of targeting the right person with the right advertisement to drive conversions.

4. Helpful in targeting the right audience with the right message

AI is a logical evolution in advertising. AI-powered tools used in creating advertisements take in a vast amount of information with data which helps in predicting future trends and insights with accuracy.

Advertisers using the traditional methods of advertising often struggle in measuring the success of their campaign, thus hindering companies’ jobs in not understanding the overall success.

Advertisements that are AI- enabled are considered better in targeting the right audience with the right message, thus helping in reducing advertising waste and greater ROI. Advertisers can be proactive in taking steps that will absolutely impact their campaigns. Customisation of advertisements also enhance the experience of viewers as they see adds of products they are interested in.


Artificial intelligence has simplified how modern day advertisements are made and delivered to the targeted audiences with increased efficiency. The use of AI in the Advertisement sector is going in one direction that is upward and is confident of clocking a healthy growth in the future. With a vast prospect yet to be unravelled, it can be said that AI will be of great significance in shaping the advertisement sector. This very essential tool will bring us closer to an epoch when advertising is less annoying and more useful, relevant, and entertaining.

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