Telling Stories Trough Art

Manish at work

Manish Mehra is a young Delhi based pencil artist and a painter who through his works brings alive traditional fables and legends such as Arabian Nights and stories from Indian mythology.

Manish who idealises SM Pandit and Raja Ravi Varma feels that traditional art forms and literature is one of the best ways to stay connected to our roots “I feel that  our traditional literature and art is a great way to connect with our history. While the world is very appreciative of India’s art and architecture, Indians themselves have got too much engrossed in foreign art. We should not forget our roots; art connects us to your roots.

He believes that works of art acts as a very good advertisement for our country creating much fascination and curiosity for our country “If  Indian artists do something original especially something based on our traditions it would be a great advertisement for the nation this would get people interested in India’s traditions and the country itself.”
Manish emphasises on the importance of sketching “Youngsters should sketch a lot that is crucial to laying a strong foundation even if you wish to go for modern or abstract art later on learn the basics well before trying to develop your style.”

He rues the fact that most people do not recognise the stories on which his works are based “I wish people would recognise the stories on which my paintings are based. Forget about the paintings on the Arabian Nights, people don’t even recognise something from the Ramayana. Hardly anyone from the new generation  knows about their own traditional litrature. I would consider it an achievement if someone after looking at my paintings gets interested in these stories and reads them.”

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Depection of stories from the Arabian Knights

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