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Ramayana through Scientific Evidences

Ramayana through Scientific Evidences

Union Civil Aviation Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu released ‘Ramayan Retold With Scientific Evidences’ written by career Civil servant Saroj Bala New Delhi’s Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. The book is published by Prabhat Prakashan.

The book which could radically change people’s perception of our ancient history has been compiled after long years of research in diverse fields and is dedicated to Former President APJ Abdul Kalam.  “Everything in this book has an authentic scientific background not even one sentence is included which does not have a scientific basis” said Bala in her address.

Author Saroj Bala

Bala explained why she believes the Valmiki Ramayan to be the most authentic Ramayan “There are 300 Ramayans in circulation but without any doubt it is the Valmiki Ramayan is the original one as it was composed during the lifetime of Sri Ram. The difference between Valmiki Ramayana and other Ramayans is that most of those Ramayans were written from the devotee’s point of view, written by those who worshipped Ram as God.”

She explained that the Valmiki Ramayan was composed 7000 years ago but was put to paper 3000 years back.

The book’s foreword is written by Lok Sabha Speaker Smt Sumitra Mahajan who has called the celestial and geographical evidences provided in the book which match Valmiki’s night sky depictions as the books strongpoint.

Bala who served as the Director, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas between 2009 to 2017 attributes the year 5014 BC as the year of Sri Ram’s birth “The Valmiki Ramayan gives 12 sequential Sky views of important days of Sri Ram’s life these dates were checked using the Stellarium software, which is used by NASA I used the desktop version of it.  The skyline on Sri Ram’s birth was on Chaitra month, Sukal Paksh, Navami. Stellarium showed that this sky view was seen on the Chaitra month, shukal Paksh, navami of the year 5014 BC in fact this was the only time such a sky view was seen in the last 25,920 years. The dates mentioned on the Valmiki Ramayan for the day of war with Khar and Bhushan and the day when Hanuman left for Lanka to look for Sita both days had an eclipse- the Stellarium software confirms that these two dates did have an eclipse.”

She expressed her gratitude to former President Dr Kalam “It was Dr Abdul Kalam who gave me invaluable guidance he told me to study the Ram Setu to enquire about the sea level during the Ramayan era. So I went to National Institute of Oceanography, Goa they had done a study on sea level fluctuations way back in 1996 they had calculated the data of sea level fluctuations for the last 15,000 years. As per their findings 7000 years back the sea level was three metres below the present levels. Today the Ram Setu is submerged roughly around 3 metres. American scientists have described the Setu as a natural formation with filings at 5 places and Valmiki Ramayan gives in detail 5 days of filing it clearly states that five shallow places were identified and these were filled up.”

Bala in her address lamented that consciousness regarding the antiquity of Indian civilisation still does not exist “Most of the items described in Ramayan like precious gemstones, rings, clay, utensils, rice, Barley have been found excavated in India by the Archaeological Survey of India and are dated more than 7000 years in age unfortunately these archaeological reports have not been made a part of our school and college syllabus.”

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