Birds as Inspiration

Maternal Instinct-II in Bronze
Can birds serve as an inspiration to people? Delhi based sculptor Asurved thinks so, his works regularly feature birds in them “Birds somehow creep into my works, they are always chirping; always full of life and enthusiasm hence an inspiration for us to stay positive.” He feels that getting up in the morning listening to birds chirping is the best way to start one’s day as their melodious voice puts a new zeal in our body, mind and soul.
Through his works he tries to raise awareness regarding environmental preservation “One of my series ‘Birds home coming’ tries to convey the message that bird species that are about to go extinct should be protected, each home should have some plants so that the birds could live there.”
Old monuments are another thing that are regularly featured in his works  “As far as old monuments are concerned, I would not call these ruins as I find these to be alive, you could see branches of trees coming out of the walls which signify life out of these ruins. Even here birds keep the place alive.”
Asurved who completed his BFA and MFA from ‘Delhi College of Art advises the new artists not to be overwhelmed by the exposure they get to western art “In this day and age, due to the internet an artist is exposed to so much art work, this exposure should not overwhelm the artist into losing what he has inside himself, his own creativity.”
Asurved makes bronze sculpture as he feels that bronze is best suited for what he wants to convey “The amount of detailing that my works have is best possible with bronze.”
He feels that art can positively transform a person, “By practising art a person would learn gracefulness, a sense of style and an aesthetics which is useful in any sphere of life, it is useful in how one lives, dresses, arranges his home, place of work, kitchen, etc.”
Bird Seller,Bronze

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