6 reasons why you must travel


1) Break the vicious cycle: In case you are going through a rough patch and are battling feelings of hopelessness, travel may be just the thing that you need. Just pulling out of the present circumstances for a while may allow you to look at things differently. Getting a break from daily stressors would help in calming your mind and you are more likely to find solutions to your problems when psychologically relaxed.

2) Best training for your brain: Your brain is highly activated while traveling, when you are on the road you are continuously planning about several things like where to stay, what to eat, how to reach the destination etc. You are curious about the new places that you are seeing and about the new people you are meeting. Traveling is a relentless exercise for the brain, especially if you are a budget traveler – you travel with the common people, continuously interact with strangers, adjust with them all the time you are being vigilant regarding your safety and the safety of your belongings. We grow as people due to the experiences that we have, and we have multiple experiences one after the other in quick succession while traveling. Your brain is always thinking as to how to deal with the strangers that you meet.

3) Develop discipline and become more adaptable: Travel undoubtedly makes you more disciplined, for traveling you need to stick to schedule, you need to get up be ready at the right time to catch the bus/train/plane. You may live like a pig at home but you have to be orderly at your hotel room lest someone point out your disorderly behavior and embarrass you. While traveling you have to expect the unexpected and hence need to be able to adapt to different situations. You may not get your preferred kind of food or mode of transport or accommodation but you learn to take things in your stride with a smile.

4) Develop an appreciation for different cultures: While traveling you come face to face with diversity and learn to appreciate it, be it regional folk or popular music, traditional cuisine or exotic dresses you develop a taste for these.

5) Make you more patriotic: Witnessing the incredible rock cut Ajanta caves or the majestic forts like Kumbhalgarh, or gigantic pieces of exquisite art such as the giant Lord Mahavir statues at the entrance of the Gwalior fort would fill you with pride regarding our heritage.

6) Develop a deeper appreciation for nature : Seeing nature in all it’s glory and it’s varied forms would leave you mesmerized and you are likely to be more sensitive towards it and adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle

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