Fast to boost Metabolism


According to a recent study published in the ‘Journal of Scientific Reports’ occasional fasting can spike your metabolism besides being anti aging. The study identifies at least 30 previously unrecorded metabolites whose quantity rises during fasting in addition to other positive effects on health.

Previous researches have confirmed that metabolites decrease with age, especially those linked to maintenance of muscles and antioxidant activity. The new research confirms that in fasting individuals these metabolites increase in effect being anti aging.
The study suggests that fasting may promote homeostasis in the individual hence enhancing his/her immunity and edit their gene expression in response to environmental influences.

Fasting seems to effect cell functioning as it could reprogram protein cells and alter which cells are built at what time. There also appears to be a relationship between fasting and the metabolism of the pyrimidine and purine substances which have a role in gene expression and protein synthesis.

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