Hong Kong Protests Continue

Hong Kong continued to witness mass demonstrations and strikes as protesters disrupted train services and blocked roads during morning rush hour. These protests have now continued for nine consecutive weekends. Saturday and Sunday witnessed violent clashes with police firing tear gas at protesters.

The protest organizers claim that more than 14,000 people from 20 sectors would be part of the city-wide strike on Monday.

These protests started on June 9, 2019 as people opposed the Hong Kong government’s Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Bill. If the bill is passed it would allow HK authorities to detain and extradite people who are wanted in other countries including mainland China and Taiwan.

the controversial extradition treaty being imposed on Hong Kong by mainland China. The police confirmed that they have made 420 arrests since then. Hong Kong’s leader has said that the city is on “the verge of a very dangerous situation”. The city’s leader Carrie Lam said the actions of the protesters were threatening prosperity and stability in Hong Kong as she went on to accuse activists of using a controversial extradition bill as a cover for their ‘real goals’.

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