Mixed Martial Art: The Fastest Growing Martial Art

Martial arts are not based solely on brute force, it is science of the body based on biomechanics, which is a major area of research now.

Mixed Martial art offers a holistic martial art experience; its practice can offer instant results in terms of development of self defense capabilities. Sensie Yashpal Singh Kalsi is a seventh Dan Black Belt in Sanshinkan Karate and the founder of Sanshinkan Martial arts club. The club which has a chain of Dojos across Delhi and NCR region is one of the most popular mixed martial arts training center in Delhi NCR.
Sensie Yashpal has trained under Sensei Bharat Sharma and Sensie Dai Sensei Moses Thilak who are two of the best Karatekas produced by India. After joining the Sanshinkan school of Karate he trained under Soke

Tamas Weber, the only non Japanese to have achieved 10th Dan in Karate. Sensie Yashpal explains why the need to develop Mixed Martial Arts was felt “In a fight everything is relevant takedown, punches, kicks yet when we look at the traditional Martial arts each one has certain limitations, Boxing has no kicks, Taekwondo lacks throws, Judo has only throws, like BJJ it does not focus on punch or kicks. The reason for these limitations is that each of these were developed in different regions being forged as per the genes and body type of the people. The Russians who are broad shouldered were more disposed towards wrestling whereas the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are very flexible and fast hence their systems are more into kicking and punching, similarly Africans were adept at boxing. Now all martial arts are in the same stage (in competitions such as UFC). Due to which people needed to fill gaps in their game hence they adopted and incorporated new techniques for being competitive.

That’s how MMA emerged.” Sensei Yashpal does not agree with the view that MMA lacks the philosophy and etiquettes which traditional martial arts offer “MMA has all these things but as a lot of glamour is involved as is the case with UFC these take a backseat. Some contenders have started to see themselves as celebrities rather than martial artist or sportsmen hence indulge in brash and loud behavior otherwise mixed martial artists like other martial artists are very peaceful and humble people. A key selection criterion for the UFC is the person’s entertainment value hence we see a lot of the participants indulging in thrash talk and having a swagger.”

He explains the science behind the martial arts “Martial arts are not based solely on brute force, it is science of the body based on biomechanics, which is a major area of research now.”

Sensei Yashpal who has trained India’s Black CatCommandos and also works with the Haryana Police emphasizes the importance of self control and meditation “In a fight if one gets angry he would forget all the learnt techniques. For ensuring that the students develop self control we do meditation right after the training session. After a grilling session, mind is exited and adrenaline flow is high here they need to meditate to return to a normal calm state of mind.”

Sensei Yashpal who is one of the few Indian IMMAF referees is also involved in the selection trials of the Super Fight League, he says that the response to fighting competitions is becoming more and more encouraging “Interest in the Super Fight League is rising fast, during the 2016 trails just 20 people turned up whereas for 2017 trials there were 150 people.”

Sensie Anamika Singh is a 6th Dan black belt in Sanshinkan Karate and teaches at Sensei Yashpal’s Dojo, she says that the number of females taking up martial arts has increased “I find that in the last one and a half years more women are taking up martial arts, unlike men many among whom take it up with the view to compete, women take it up for learning self defense and also for fitness as martial arts are also very effective for controlling ones weight and maintaining high energy levels. Most of the woman who train in our Dojo are working Women they venture out on a daily basis, hence they need to know how to defend themselves. “

Sensei Singh, who is a multiple medal winner in several national level Karate Championships is of the opinion that apart from self defense accessories girls also require the physical capability to defend themselves “A real scenario may not even give adequate time for the women to take out a knife or pepper spray from her hand bag so every woman should know some skill, even if they don’t know anything they should at least be fit enough to run.”

She believes Martial arts training can bring about equality in boys and girls “Martial arts training gives women strength and the confidence as they know what to do in a particular scenario, practicing martial arts also gives a sense of equality among boys and girls as girls also possess fighting skills and strength, hence they are not viewed as weak.”

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