Fadnavis quits as Chief Minister


Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis resigned from his post three days after being sworn in. Fadnavis would have required to face a floor test in the Maharashtra state assembly to prove majority. As the BJP found itself short of the required numbers it decieded to ask its CM to resign.

BJP had attempted to get enough MLA’s to install its government with the support of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)’s leader Ajit Pawar.

BJP’s earlier claim that they have the support of 170 MLA’s laid on Ajit Pawar’s assurances that he would be able to ensure enough NCP MLA’s defect and support the BJP.

Ajit Pawar who had defected from the NCP and was sworn in as the Deputy Chief Minister, he resigned as he was not sucsessful in creating a spilt in the NCP.

Without the NCP’s 54 MLAs that the party had claimed the support of in its letter to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on November 22, the BJP had claimed support of 116 lawmakers, 105 from BJP and 11 from smaller parties and independent candidates – short of the halfway mark of 144.

Yesterday the NCP-Congress- Shiv Sena alliance had paraded 162 MLAs.

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