Mukteshwar Hosts Astro Camp

Mukteshwar hosts Astro camp

Mukteshwar,  which is known for its quite and serene ambience is hosting an Astro Camp from  June 15 to  June 30.

Mukteshwar is an ideal location for stargazing as it has very low light pollution and minimal commercial activities. Located 2,171m above sea level, Mukteshwar is in Class 3 category on the Bortle Scale(which measures the night sky’s brightness of a particular location), making it one among the prime locations for stargazing. 

Starscapes, which is one of the leading Astro tourism companies of India is organising this camp. 

The Astro camp  includes a range of programs, from celestial shows to planetary parades, and will have a series of astronomy related activities offering an exciting and unique experience. 

Commenting on the camp CEO and Co-Founder, Starscapes Paul Savio said, “Away from the hustle bustle of larger hill stations, a scenic and quaint place like Mukteshwar offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to witness the magic of the night sky and explore the great outdoors.  With the last month of clear skies before the monsoons start, here’s a chance for visitors to experience the unexplored side of Mukteshwar with Starscapes’ Astro Camp.” 

The camp would include the following activities 

Celestial show :  A 45 minuteGuided tour across the night sky. It includes exploration of the moon, the planets and the stars. One gets to learn about the night sky and the science, the history and the mythology that make it up. 

Planetary Parade: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible to the naked eye, but they provide an even more stunning spectacle through the telescope. 

Moon observation: One gets a chance to see the moon through a telescope, and learn about its formation, its influence on Earth, its significance in cultures across time and space, and its importance in our understanding of the universe. Look at its craters, and try to identify the different Apollo and Chandrayaan landing sites!

Sun observation:  See the Sun in all its glory, without frying your eyes! Enjoy the marvelous beauty of the source of all our energy, through our telescope and state-of-the-art solar filters. You can also learn how to see the Sun with simple home aids like pinhole cameras, ball projectors or our solar goggles. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see sunspots, and maybe even the elusive solar flares!

STEM workshops: Learn how to build and launch your own rockets, with material at home. Make your own sun dials, understand how we learnt to tell time. Figure out for yourself the basic principles of a camera by actually making one.

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