Nagaland to be part of the Himalayan Cleanup Campaign

Nagaland Waste management

Nagaland has decided to join the Himalayan Cleanup campaign to raise awareness about accumulation of waste in the mountains.

The campaign which would be held on May 26 across various Himalayan states though Nagaland would observe it on May 25.  The campaign would include social work in five districts of the state, clearing up single use plastic waste would be a focus area for the cleanup drive.

The Himalayan Cleanup (THC) is a yearly event conducted across various Himalayan states of India. It was launched in 2018 on World Environment Day.

The Himalaya region is particularly susceptible to pollution and climate change, Himachal Pradesh recognized the nuisance caused by plastic waste has banned use of poly bags. Sikkim is another Himalayan state which has made significant strides in the environmental sphere as it became the first Indian organic state.

Plastic accumulation is an increasing problem in the Himalayan states and tourism is a major source of plastic as the mountainous states attract a lot of tourists.

The inaugural edition of the Himalayan Cleanup was a grand success cleaning up more than 250 sites from the 12 Himalayan states. More than 15,000 volunteers participated in this being mobilized by more than 200 organizations.

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