‘Water Has Memory’

'Water Has Memory'

 “A Japanese scientist through his experiments has proved that water has memory. He kept two glasses of water, to one he gave positive messages for one month and to the other he kept on giving negative messages for the same duration. After one month he froze the water from both the glasses and turned them into crystals  and photographed them. The photos from the first glass were symmetrical and beautiful like a bouquet of flowers and the one from the second glass were ugly and repulsive. He repeated such experiments thousands of times on water from different sources be it tap water, rain water, river and so on but the results were the same each time. Water responds to vibrations and has memory” said well known water conservationist Aabid Surti, he was presenting a talk on ‘Conservation of Water’  in New Delhi Niti Bagh Club recently.   

Surti who is also a national award winning author explained why we should not fill ourselves with negativity as that negativity ultimately harms us “more than 70% of our body consists of water and water has memory,  if we send negative emotions to anyone like swearing at someone the impact on that person on whom we swear may or may not be harsh but it would definitely have a negative impact on our own bodies as it impacts the water of our body which stores the negative emotion.”

Surti who started the ‘Drop Dead Foundation’ in 2007 to fix leaky tap faucets of homes in his vicinity is popularly known as the ‘Water Warrior’ of India. 

He said that the secret of water having memory was well known in India since ages “Ancient Rishis had the practice of praying while being submerged in a water. They would also pray near water bodies so that when water evaporates it takes with itself all this positive vibrations and spread it throughout the atmosphere.  In Islam during ‘Shab-e-Baraat‘ people visit cemeteries to pray and after that when they come out they take the pudia (small packets) which they take to a water body like a well, lake, pond or river and put it in them. So Islam also knew this secret and so did the Parsis who also had the tradition of visiting a water bodies and praying there at least once a year. If you are thankful to the water that you are drinking then water from any natural source would suit you and you won’t fall sick.”

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