Students Demand Climate Action

Students Demand Climate Action

School students from several countries held coordinated climate protests in major Capitals of the world. The youngsters demanding more intense steps to be taken by the respective governments to tackle climate change.

These students were inspired by 16 year old Swedish school girl Greta Thunburg who held a series of solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish Parliament last year. Thunburg has since become an international climate icon being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and addressing world leaders at the World Economic Forum. 

Protests have taken place and are underway in dozens of cities and more are planned in other parts of the world including India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland among others in the coming days. This could be the biggest climate change protest till date as passionate youngsters are using social media to garner as much worldwide support as possible.

In Berlin thousands of activists took out processions and even protested outside Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office. The protesters are also getting petitions signed and apart from those who are concerned about the environment more than thousand renowned scientists too have signed petitions in solidarity with the youngsters.

At the Paris conference held in 2015 world leaders agreed to cap temperature rise at 2 degree Celsius above pre industrial levels by the end of this century. However as things are going on now temperatures are set to rise by 4 degree Celsius by the end of this century. 

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