Yog For Height Gain

Surya Namaskar school children

Yogacharya Indra Narayan Raman is a Yoga Organiser at Gandhi Bhawan, University of Delhi, he explains how Yog could be useful in augmenting height. He claims that if children adopt Yog in tandem with the right sort of nutrition and Ayurvedic supplements then a marked increase in height could be achieved.

Yogacharya Raman says that if a person practices any 5 Yogasans all the body’s requirement would be met including improving a person’s height and suggests a few Asanas which are specifically helpful for height gain “Suryanamaskar is an amalgamation of 12 asanas this could help it is particularly conducive to a person’s mental growth as well so it very excellent for children. Other Asanas which a person could practice for the aim of height gain include Tadasan, Vriksha asan, Dharunasan, Chakraasan, Ardhya Chakrasan, Trikone Asan and Halasan” he says.

He insists that Yog is not merely a physical exercise but something that affects a person much more deeply including a person’s hormone secretion “Yog heals a person at various levels physical, mental, emotional, thought, mind, and self level. Hence it helps in hormone secretion in the body, which is crucial to height gain” he says.

Yogacharya emphasizes the importance of maintaining a straight spinal cord “If the spinal cord is bowed it can stunt growth and effect mental health and hormone secretion” he says.

He cautions that solely practicing Yogic exercises would not be enough as attention must be given to nutrition and one must ensure that the body is not suffering from any disease. “Simply doing Yogic exercises one should not hope to gain height but should pay attention to nutrition and ensure that his body is not suffering from any disease”

He picks Ashwagandha powder as especially helpful for height gain “Two teaspoonfuls of Ashwagandha powder in a glass of milk is helpful” he says. He picks a diet consisting of sprouts, green peas, dry fruits, beans and milk products to be particularly conducive to height growth.

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