Better Health with Alkaline Food

Sprouts and nuts

Simple tips like eating only when hungry, relying more on alkaline based foods, eating raw food can go a long way in improving one’s health and overall quality of life. Diseases tend to grow more when the body is too acidic.

Dr NK Sharma well known Naturopath and Reiki healer states that the normal Ph measure of the body is 7.35 and overconsumption of cereals increases the acidity in the body “Cereals are acidic in nature on top of this these are consumed in tandem with oil, spices (which also are acidic) hence the problem is compounded. Too much reliance on acidic food intake upsets the body’s Ph balance. In acidic condition the body deteriorates whereas it rejuvenates in the alkaline condition. It is an established fact that cancer cannot survive in alkaline plasma so we need to come back to alkaline stage for good health” explains Dr Sharma.

Dr Sharma picks fruits as excellent source for alkalinity and stresses the importance of eating natural foods as these contain enzymes which is very good for health of pancreas and intestines. He picked sprouts and nuts as the best source of protein which contains less acidity.

Another important advise he gives is eating only when hungry “eating as per the clock or out of some compulsion like everyone is eating so I should eat, the food would get spoilt hence I should eat, I am getting it for free so I should eat, such mentality is not advisable because the body does not understand any of these compulsions; if it is hungry then it would digest it otherwise it would make it rot” he says.

Dr. Ravinder K. Tuli the founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine SOHAM suggests ‘khamiri roti’ as a viable cereal alternative which is more alkaline in nature. Stressing that infections grow more in acidic conditions he says “Infections have lesser capacity of growth in the Alkaline condition for example for urinary tract infection what the doctors usually do is to prescribe an alkaline mixture which reverses the infection, however if the Acidity of the body continues then this same infection becomes very difficult to control.”

Dr Pratap Chauhan, Ayurvedic practitioner and Director of Jiva Ayurveda observes some of the curious food habits unique to our country “This is maybe the only country in the world where we even put masala on fruits and transform their nature from alkaline to acidic. Many people take an antacid tablet and some minutes later drink tea, it’s just like pouring sand over yourself after having a bath these habits baffle me ” he said. He also explained the effectiveness of Yog in this matter “Pranayam, Yog and meditation are important methods of making the body alkaline.”

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