“Provide Air Purifiers at Subsidised Cost”

Pollution in Delhi

“The government should make a push to popularize use of air purifiers by providing these at subsidised rates at Delhi Government’s Mohalla clinics and the central government’s Jan Aushadhi Kendra’s. These should be made available immediately under price control mechanism so that it would be affordable for common people” says Dr KK Aggarwal, President of Heart Care Foundation of India.  Dr Agarwal who is the former head of Indian Medical Association(IMA) explained  certain measures everyone can adopt to lower their risk from polluted air currently engulfing Delhi. “Keep your nostrils moist by using saline drops if eyes are burning then lubricate then artificial tears or triphala water there are many such eye drops available in the market, people should not shy away from using masks and choose masks which are effective against particulate matter(PM), if your house has an air conditioner with a hepa filter then it would be able to reduce pollution.”

He identifies certain categories of people to seek medical help during such times “if you are a patient of blood pressure, heart ailments or a child an elderly or pregnant women then you most definitely should consult a Doctor during such conditions.”

He is strongly advises people to buy air purifiers for their homes “using air purifier in tandem with a mask would help you to substantially reduce your risk though the risk cannot be totally negated.”

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