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Botanical garden in Wroclaw

If you’re after rich culture, delicious and unique cuisine, a beer that can hold its own against nearly any in the world, the architecture you can lose yourself in immaculate outdoor opportunities do not waste another second overlooking Poland. The central European nation has an impressive selection of fantastic places any traveller would be happy to discover. Here are four of the most beautiful places to visit in Poland when you travel here.


 Lublin is a perfect definition of history and heritage. The city was founded in the late 9th century. It emerged later in The 16th century, it is the industrial center for southeastern Poland. It is a great place to explore the academic, cultural and industrial aspects by walking through the historic Old Town, the horrors at Majdanek, Attend a Mass at St. John the Baptist’sCathedral and last but not least watching football at Motor Lublin’s Stadium. The tour of Lublin Castle could be one of the wonderful experiences one can have; the white wall offers some contrast to the bricks. When it comes to food one should eat pierogi and drink piwo in Starówka it will give a historic and finger licking taste.


Wawel cathedral Krakow Poland copy

 Krakow was established in the 7th century. It is one of Poland’s most important cultural and educational centers. Here people can roam around the huge, 13th-century square, visit the Cloth Hall market and going to St. Mary’s Basilica church it is the highlight of the market but one need to take admission for visiting the church. The view is breathtaking from the church with just 239 steps, its worth if the timing is right. One can explore the Rynek Underground Museum, the Defence Trail, Florian’s Gate and also Florianska Street which is one of the most famous streets to visit in Krakow. If tired and want to relax than Barbican could be someones go around.


 Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The amazing city is full of mesmerizing architectural monuments, incredible colours of Wrocław’s magnificent Gothic Old Town Square and it also has a continental climate, with warm summers, crisp, sunny autumns, and cold winters. The city reflects the historical fortunes. It is the fourth biggest city in the country and it has the welcoming vibes. The heart of the area, guarded proudly by the Warsaw mermaid, is the Old Town Market place with its restaurants and cafés. The National Museum is the home of several galleries comprises of the Polish and Europen art from the Medieval Ages to the present day. There is always something new to explore in the capital city of Poland.


 Wroclaw is the oldest and most beautiful city in Poland. The city is situated at the foot of the Sudetes, by the Oder River, crisscrossed by its numerous tributaries and channels. Wroclaw is soothing for eyes as it promotes nature in its best way. It’s a nature paradise with 14 parks, Botanical Garden, with its beautiful flower garden and cactus greenhouse, as well as the Zoological Garden. Wroclaw is the center of Poland culture. One can explore the city on a private walking tour or a two-hour sightseeing in an electric car to the main tourist attractions. With numerous theaters, opera, museum it’s a city of music, culture, history, and beauty.

 “Jay Kantawala, Founder, WIYO Travel said Poland has everything to offer from revisiting the history and stories from years to exceptional culinary experiences for foodies who are in search of the authentic and the scrumptious food. It is a nature’s paradise for the authentic explorer who craves to witness the mesmerizing nature’s beautiful sights. With a rich history, welcoming national attitudes, mind-blowingly delicious local cuisine, Poland is a destination ready for exploration. As it is not a typical family destination so it is definitely a place to visit with family and treasure it forever.”

Wieliczka Salt Mine in the town of Wieliczka, Poland

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