Every Drop Counts!

Aabid Surti, founder of Drop Dead Foundation

Aabid Surti is a national award winning author who goes door to door repairing leaky faucets free of charge. Surti explains why even a single drop of water should not be allowed to go down the drain “I grew up in the pavement; I have seen fights for one bucket of water. As a child my body was so sensitive I got terrorised by the sound of dripping water,  it felt like somebody is hammering on me. “

Mumbai based Surti created the ‘Drop Dead Foundation’ in 2007 to fix leaky tap faucets of homes in his vicinity “I hired a plumber and went to all my friend’s houses, the job was done and I felt so happy about it, it gave me a sort of relief which many couldn’t understand.” Surti paid from his own pocket to finance this social endeavor.

Surti who is designated as ‘India’s water warrior’ feels that many still don’t understand the importance of the drops of water that go down the drain “When I started to go door to door to get leaky faucets fixed many of my friends questioned me saying why are you worring about a few drops? it is not that the whole Ganges is flowing down the drain.  Yet in my own way I have been able to make a profound impact; from 2007 till date I have been able to save 20 million litres of water single handedly.”

At 84 he is still going strong and advises people who wish to make a difference to not let lack of finances deter their plans “When you are filled with love to do something for society God becomes your fundraiser.”

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