India and Denmark to Co operate on Renewable Energy

India and Denmark to Co operate on Renewable Energy

Union Cabinet gave its go ahead for a cooperation agreement between Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of India and Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate of the Kingdom of Denmark. The cooperation in the field of Renewable Energy will be specially focused on Offshore Wind Energy. 

Cooperation would include technical capacity building for management of off­shore wind projects, measures to develop and sustain a highly efficient wind industry, onshore as well as offshore. Measures to ‘ensure high quality of wind turbines, components, and certification requirements; forecasting and scheduling of off-shore wind.  The Indo-Danish Centre of Excellence in Integrated Renewable Power would work on Renewable energy resource assessments with focus on onshore and offshore wind; Hybridisation of wind, solar, hydro and storage technologies; integration of renewable energy inch high level of wind energy, Testing and R&D; and skill development / capacity building. 

India with its 3,214 km long can generate huge amounts of  energy if it has the required technology. 

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