The House of Musical Arts Starts in the Royal Opera House Muscat

Royal Opera House Muscat's Exhibition room

The House of Musical Arts that recently opened its doors in the Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman, is a remarkable addition to the opera house which was launched to promote arts, intercultural dialogue and relationships among countries. This launch again proves Oman’s capacity to host world-class artistic and cultural events with the use of innovative technologies. Since its inauguration the Royal Opera House Muscat, has hosted a wide repertoire of operas, concerts, musicals and other artistic and cultural events, these events have been very well received, both through collaborative relationships on an international scale and with the Royal Opera House Muscat’s own expertise.

The House of Musical Arts will be a centre for different forms of art and music complementing the Royal Opera House Muscat’s objective to present a diverse programme of music performances.

The centre will celebrate other cultural aspects by holding permanent and temporary culture and arts exhibitions, in addition to hosting seminars highlighting the evolution of art and its impact on world history.

Located along the main complex of the Royal Opera House Muscat across the street, the House of Musical Arts is an elegant building connected to the Opera Galleria by the iconic pedestrian bridge. The building introduces a unique architecture and design, combining Eastern with Western influences and traditional construction with modern techniques. The building successfully preserves its Islamic character, while integrating modern design techniques, invoking feelings of warmth and hospitality among visitors. This is enhanced by the widespread use of timber, marble and intricate carvings making strong references to historical themes in the architecture of the region. This is particularly true of the building’s exterior architecture, rooted as it is in the Omani style of civic architecture.

The House of Musical Arts was established to accommodate further works of art and musical performances. The role of the stage is to support Royal Opera House Muscat programming and provide a suitable venue for a myriad of cultural events and opera masterpieces. With its state of the art acoustic controls, fully configurable stage, advanced scenery control and other stage mechanics, the House of Musical Arts is able to meet the requirements of any international or local performance. The building includes a limestone maidan surrounded by tall wide arches and airy arcades with patterned shade and light, which create a lively atmosphere and provide a welcome shelter for visitors. The building also includes a music library, an extensive archive facility, and a cultural center, in addition to the permanent exhibition and halls dedicated to hosting touring exhibitions.

The Cultural center overlooking the Maidan

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