Facebook Deletes Accounts in India and Pakistan

Facebook Deletes Accounts in India and Pakistan

Facebook launched a major cleanup operation as it deleted several accounts and pages from India and Pakistan due to inappropriate behavior.

In India Facebook removed 687 pages and accounts on Grounds of ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’ and for pushing spam. The company which is headquartered in California declared these pages and accounts to be linked with the Indian National Congress. The Congress denied that any of the removed pages were linked to it declaring on Twitter ” this is to clarify no official page is run by I have been taken down. Additionally, all pages run by are verified volunteers are also unaffected. In the meantime we are awaiting a response from Facebook to provide us a list of all pages/ accounts that they have taken down.” Nathaniel Gleicher the head of cyber security policy, Facebook disclosed to the media that a network of fake accounts where in used for concealing the identity of those who are really running these.

The Mark Zuckerberg LED organisation has also removed 15 pages which it has declared to be linked to IT firm Silvertouch this firm is the company associated with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Namo app these actions are a part of the recently launched crackdown on fake accounts and spam bye Facebook.

Facebook also deleted several accounts and pages in Pakistan tracing them to Pakistan military’s “Inter-Service Public Relations” unit. As per Facebook’s declaration these accounts comprised military fan pages, hobby pages and Kashmir community pages. Facebook had in recent times had also carried out similar actions against accounts of Russia, Iran and Philippines.

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