Wander Nagaland set to be Launched

Wander Nagaland set to be Launched

‘Wander Nagaland’ the hill State’s first travel social enterprise is all set to be launched on November 4, 2019.  ‘Wander Nagaland’ is an initiative of Kevisa Sanyu who run a Homestay in the state. Sanyu believes that more and more people today are looking for ‘experiential tourism’ and Wander Nagaland would aim to facilitate access and Pristine natural landscapes and authentic cultural experiences for the tourists.

Wander Nagaland would take tourists to new offbeat destinations in order to ensure that the tourists have a unique experience and Nagaland is able to realise its tourism potential. The point says Sanyu is not nearly showcasing Nagaland to the visitor but to ensure that he or she develops relationship with it and connects to the land.

Another purpose of Wonder Nagaland is employment generation among Nagas, the enterprise welcomes people who want to act as tourist guides, or showcase some authentic Naga skills to contact it so as to collaborate. Wander Nagaland would work closely with the tribal elders, farmers, entrepreneurs and educated youth and ensure a Sustainable Tourism model. Wander Nagaland would be a one step shop for transportation, accommodation,  adventure activities, cultural and artistic activities and meals for the tourists.

Wander Nagaland set to be Launched

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