Afghan, US forces Eliminate over 80 Talibs

Afghan, US forces Eliminate over 80 Talibs

US officials claim to have killed more than 80 Taliban fighters in air raids in Afghanistan’s Kandahar and Faryab provinces during the last 24 hours.

US forces conducted air raids in Maruf and Shah Wali Kot districts of the Kandahar province declared a statement by the provincial police headquarters.

The Taliban has also claimed to have hit a US convoy in Kandahar with an Improvised Explosive Device(IMD), no reaction to this was issued by the US forces.

US President Donald Trump has pledged to come down hard on the  Taliban as peace talks have been unsuccessful.

As of now about half of Afghanistan is controlled by Taliban which has become more belligerent in recent times stepping up attacks on Afghan security forces and US forces.

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