House of Representatives to discuss Kashmir

House of Representatives to discuss Kashmir

A panel of the US House of Representatives would be conducting consultations on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir as part of a wider deliberations on the host of Human Rights issues across South Asia. This was announced by Brad Sherman, Chairman of House Sub Committee on Asia. Issues to be discussed by the panel includes the political and religious freedom Uyghurs of China and the situation in Hong Kong, condition of Rohingyas in Myanmar, persecution of political  and religious minorities in Pakistan, treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka and status of East Bengalis in India. On August 5, 2019 special autonomy of the state of J & K was scrapped local politicians were put under house arrest and internet and telecom services were shut; the deliberations would chiefly focus on human rights situation there especially the question whether people are getting proper medical treatment, medicines, food and provisions or not.

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